Campus Apartments

Choosing Off Campus Apartments Around Michigan State University

Michigan State University is the tertiary education choice for over 50 thousand students. It offers well over 200 programs that cater to the requirements of students at all levels. The University prides itself on offering a world class academic experience that is balanced by the opportunity for students to become […]

Why Most Small Businesses in East Lansing Michigan Fail?

You have lived in East Lansing Michigan for several years. You have seen a lot of small businesses fail. You are wondering why do these businesses fail. There are so many reasons why most small businesses fail. They do not make money. They are managed by inexperienced business owners. And […]

Enjoy A Bed And Breakfast Stay In East Lansing

When you are visiting East Lansing, you want to be as comfortable as possible and staying in a bed and breakfast is going to allow you to relax and really enjoy your stay in the city. There are lots of things you can do in the East Lansing and it […]