Choosing Off Campus Apartments Around Michigan State University

Michigan State University is the tertiary education choice for over 50 thousand students. It offers well over 200 programs that cater to the requirements of students at all levels. The University prides itself on offering a world class academic experience that is balanced by the opportunity for students to become well rounded individuals who have been exposed to sporting opportunities, cultural experiences and enjoying an active social life.

With a student body of over 50,000 it is no wonder that many students choose to seek out off campus apartments. Apartments like these offer the independently minded students the opportunity to not only be within easy reach of the campus but to also enjoy the many entertainment and enrichment opportunities that off campus living allows.

So what are the popular choices among the many apartment complexes that are within easy walking distance of the university campus. This can never be an exhaustive list given the many choices of top quality apartments that are available – but here are some options to consider when it comes to choosing off campus.

1. West Village.

One of the few pet friendly options that is only a mile from campus this apartment complex offers a wide variety of choice for students who prefer to live alone or who want to explore the option of sharing. They can choose from studio options or one and two bedroom units. The inclusion of water and heat as well as of street parking make these apartments a very attractive option.

2. University Villa Apartments.

These apartments are located on Abbot Road which is a premier location. Aside for being within an easy half mile stroll of the campus the apartments also offer easy access to downtime Lansing. this is ideal for those students who have an active social life as this area has numerous attractions including great restaurants and bars as well as other attractions. One or two bedroom apartments are available and the apartments have an innovative floor plan that offer a combo living, dining and entertainment space. Modern kitchens make home cooking an absolute pleasure.

3. Cedar Street Apartments.

for students looking at communal living these apartments are ideal. With four bedroom options available it means that rental costs can be cut down to the bone. The apartments have been recently refurbished and kitchens as well as bathrooms have received a makeover. Appliances such as microwaves and dishwashers come as standard fixtures. The partially furnished nature of the apartments leaves students with a canvas to create their own living space which reflects their unique personality.

4. 300 Grand Apartments.

Ultra modern feel and space are available to those students wishing to rent an apartment in this complex. Under a mile to campus and easy access to East Lansing. Pet friendly and the washer and dryer come standard. Two bedroom, two bathroom units are standard.

There is a huge aunt of choice when it comes to ff campus apartments around Michigan State University. Choose your off campus lifestyle today.